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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 31, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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things are getting. >> reporter: wap as this man so consumed by his cell phone conversation ends up head over heels on the train tracks. look at that again. as he takes talk on the cell phone one step too far. he was not hurt but he is one example of how society romance with smart phones is causing many to flirt with disaster. walking into walls, and this woman plunged 20 feet into a searching hole in. the -- hole. in the past 7 years the number of injured walkers quadrupled. more than 1150 people were treated in er in 2011 alone. >> the danger is real. >> reporter: the doctor says distracted pedestrian risk injuries from head to toe including facial fractures and eye jersey and blunt head traumasprained arching elogist and other foot injuries. it's not just bush shall ankles and other foot injuries. it's not just about watching where you are going but listening. when i am walking down the
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street without a distraction i hear the producer honking from across the street and block. but when i put the headphones in, and turn my music up i. can't hear her anymore. actually i can't hear she is honking until i get this close just a few yards away. cities in delaware, utah, arkansas and illinois have tried to pass distracted walking bills. that could have come in handy for this man who was texing so ferociously he almost walked right into a bear on the loose. lindsay davis,abc news, new york. >> what's coming up at 5 here on good morning maryland, a proposal gone all wrong. a montana man comes up with the pecks text way to ask his girlfriend to mary him but she messes it up. it was -- perfect way to ask his girlfriend to marry him but she mess it up. why so many of us will not give up our time in front of the tv
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even after hours inside a car. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. >> all right. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but we have a chance for some showers to move in here. i will tell you when that happens. that's coming so stay around. wççñçñ
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there are multiple devies to keep your child from being locked -- devices to keep your child from being locked in a hot car but they are not very reliable when used on their own. experts suggest that you always check the front and back of the car before looking and walking away and teach your kids that the car is not a play area. opening arguments again in the bid bitter ongoing batter between appel and sam sunning -- apple and samsung. in response samsung claims apple is trying to stifle competition and limit consumer
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choice. apple is seek 2.5 billion dollars in damage. maryland may avoid a cleanup bill after the storms last month that knocked out power. >> good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. now "good morning maryland." you may be surprised when you see this woman's face. but when you hear how a 74-year- old fought off her attacker, you will be saying way to go. >> and a warning this morning for women headed to ocean city. what happened that has police telling you to be especially careful. >> it's the last day on the job. baltimore top cop will hang up his holster so what's next for the commissioner. those stories ahead. it's tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson welcome back. >> did you miss me. >> a little bit. >> i missed all of you. >> go ahead. >> he is laughing because i am wondering if it's true by i
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know you missed me. >> i did i said something to charley and he got upset with me, i think. >> it was not enough. >> maryland's most powerful radar is pretty much dry but we have activity down to the south. so in southern maryland, they are getting showers and storms. this is sliding across the bay. and we could see more wet weather popping up going into the afternoon. i suggest to you, take that umbrella just in case. you know what scattered means. some of you could get wet and some of you not. as we head into 9:00, the temperature at 75 degrees. scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue as we go into lunchtime. by 3 p.m. i am going with 86 degrees and once again, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be there as well. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. i am doing very well. hope you are too. well if you are heading into the city, there are a few iruse that could -- issues that could
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go in your way. light street is shut down at baltimore street. and in east baltimore, that big sink hole is causing problems on monday superintendent treat. it will be -- monument street. it will be shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. stick with orleans as an alternate. this is what it looks like at eastern. there are no delays. it will be a nice easy ride through the fort mchenry tunnel. 8 minutes northbound as well from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. and as we pull up other drive times, beltway in great shape on the outer loop from 95 to 83. it will take 11 minutes and heading to the west side a.12- minute ride on the outer loop from 795 to 95. now over to you. her face is bruised and stitched up and swollen but her spirit is ferocious. the 7 #-year-old woman was attacked -- 74-year-old a woman was attacked in her home linda so joins with us her story and the effort to find the woman who did this to her.
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>> reporter: the woman is still out there but the 74-year-old is back home from the hospital. she says she was not about to give into the robber who attacked her in her own home. before we show you the video we want to warn you it's graphic. it appears the robber had her eye on wg -- gwyn sirotta but sirotta was out walk her dog yesterday and she lives in the valley crossing community in cockeysville and said hello, to a woman and then noticed her turn around. that alarmed her and she went back to her house and walked inside her unlocked front door and saw the woman inside her home. sirota says the woman attacked her and she fought back. the suspect pulled out a kitchen knife. >> she kept saying i have a knife. i have a knife i said what do you want? and she wouldn't answer me i said don't you dare fight with a 75-year-old lady i will give you everything back that i can. >> reporter: sirota was not
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stabbed but had stitches inside and outside of the mouth a neighbor what hunch something was not right when he saw the dog outside and rang the bell that caused the suspect to run out a back door. suspect took sirota's wallet credit cards and cell phone and she is out there. linda so, abc2 news. anne arundel county is get agnew police chief that will start today. larry tul ver is the police -- tolliver is the new police of chief. he held the same position in the late 1990s. he was the superintendent of state police from 92 to 95. he is take over for james tier the former anne arundel county police chief who retires tomorrow. he faced criticism the way he handled allegation against john leopold and decision to retire is after the police union and county council voted no confidence in him. today is the last day for baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld who left an impact on charm city
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going after criminals determined to catch the bad guys with guns. according to city leaders, bealefeld wants to spend more time with his family and will officially retire coming up tomorrow. everyone heads to ocean city for a good time on the boardwalk and the beach and the restaurants. it's hard not to enjoy yourself. but this morning, we have a warning for you. and sherrie johnson is is here with more and specifically, what are police saying for those heading to ocean city. >> reporter: within the past month, there's been three attempted sexual assaults at ocean city. police warn women to be extra careful in this resort town. authorities with the ocean city police department say someone is targeting young females finishing up a night of partying and taking advantage of the situation. on each attempted assault, the girls were able to fight back and get away from the attacker. now police tell us all three of the attacks happened between 15th and 62nd street in ocean city. >> we would strike to -- try to take care of them and walk them back to the house to make sure nothing happened to them.
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>> you kind of get caught up in the atmosphere of the place and everybody else is partying and drinking and looking like they are having a good time. i think you let your guard down a little bit. >> reporter: so far police have not caught the suspect. they warn folks to be extra careful in the area never walk alone, and be aware of your surroundings. it's 6 minutes after 5. a mother is recovering in the hospital this morning after being stabbed by her son. this happened in millersville. police are looking for 21-year- old james zito. they believe he stabbed his mother late last night and ranaway. she is expected to be okay but if you have information, police want to hear from you. remember last year's earthquake? most of us can describe, exactly what we were doing when the earth started to rumble. work is still being done to repair the damage. construction is expected to begin on friday at baltimore by silica and it's supposed to -- basilica and it's supposed to last 7 months. the earthquake caused cracks in
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the structural damage. it's expected to cost up to $5 million. most of it will be covered by insurance. weekend servicess and weddings will continue touring -- services and weddings will continue but regular tours will be limited. storms from earlier this month took time and money to clean up, but the state may be off the hook when it comes to the cost of cleaning. governor o'malley asked president obama to declare parts of the state disaster areas to reimburse up to 75% of the cost that comes from the recovery and cleanup. if approved, that money would go to baltimore city and then kent mont goal young -- montgomery and st. mary's county. other counties could be added later. we could use a little bit of rain. >> we could use a whole lot of rain. we are over 7 inches for the year. and about over one inch since june. we need the rainfall. today we could see a little bit in the thunderstorms but if you don't get the thunderstorm, you are not going to be seeing
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rain. but check out what we have in terms of temperatures. heading out the door this morning. and 69 degrees in aberdeen. glen burnie 72. more of the same in germantown with temperatures around 69 degrees. we will have that eastern flow once again for today. and maryland's most powerful radar is pretty much dry. we see showers in southern maryland crossing over the bay. this could fill in a little more going through the afternoon. but all in all, it's still going to be scattered in nature. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: we have problems in baltimore city where there's a sink hole on the east side that continues to shut down monument street. that's between will beings and patterson -- wilks street and patterson park avenue. and repairs to the water main break in downtown baltimore continues to shut down light street at between baltimore street and lombard street. and traveling through the tunnels this morning, there are no delays, nothing to get in your way right now. heading over to the west side of the beltway, this is what it look like at wilkins avenue.
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just 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. megan and charley, over to you. all right. if you are keeping track, you know today is the day that four of the big games are taking place in london. >> this morning we will look at the games and how the u.s. teams that per-- have perform so far. and web expect -- and what we can expect later today. good morning maryland continues in a moment.
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now "good morning maryland." you probably have done this at some point walking into the grocery store on the sidewalk and you are teching or check your e-mail and smart phone. carley does it all the time but rethink the multitasking because you could get hurt. emergency rooms are seeing four times the number of patients injured by walking while distracted. more than 1100 people were treated in the emergency room in 2011 alone. >> i think the danger is real and it's a growing epidemic. >> so certain cities in delaware, utah arkansas illinois and they have all tried to pass this distracted
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walking bills. time for sports for you on this tuesday. coming into a critical late july series on the road with the yankees. the o's are 7 1/2 games back trying to keep pace with the new york and keep the al east lead in sight. they collected 13 hits manufacturing key runs in the 5th and 7th last night. on the way to the 5-4 win. that's the home run in the third. gonzalez for the on the's -- o's picked up the victory as they cut into the new york lead and are two games out of the wild card race. it's almost august and baseball is important in charm city how cool is that. it's 5:13 right now. time to get a check on your morning commute lauren cook is here with a check on traffic. >> reporter: i have to agree. that's very cool. and there's a huge baseball card show actually this week that reminds me. it's this week at convention center. so check it out. a lot of players will stop by. well if you are heading down to east baltimore this morning, that big sink hole is causing
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big problems on monument street shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. stick with orleams treat -- orleans street. it will be nice and clear from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. checking in and looking live at top side the beltway in tow sewn, no problems to report. -- towson, no problems to report. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic and here's lynette with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we are pretty warm this morning. and we are humid out there. you felt it when you came in this morning. but as you step out the door, going for the day, 68 degrees right now in manchester. walkersville at 69. frederick coming in at 71. and we have another 71 over in middletown this morning. good morning to you. goldsboro 70. rock hall at 69 annapolis at 73 and hanover at 70. more of the same in carney. those temperatures will go up from here. so as you head out the door, and walking into your afternoon, these are the numbers that you can expect.
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82 is what i am going for in baltimore. and as we go over the eastern shore, the temperature at 83. dc is right around 84 degrees. and as we step through the day in the afternoon, around 3, 4:00, the temperature around 85, 86 degrees. and then we will do it all over again tomorrow except we will be a little bit warmer in the forecast for us. now, as we look at your weekend highlights, i know it's tuesday, and you are like lynette yeah you know what to do. yes, we like to see what he gage-a -- what's going on for the weekend. saturday, sun-cloud mix. heat and humidity with us. we are talking about august now. as we head into sunday, we still have sun and clouds out there. we have a chance for scattered storms in the forecast, but this is what it looks like in terms of numbers. it will be hot on saturday. that temperature coming at 93 degrees after a start of 70. we roll into sunday numbers 71 degrees. and we start with 92 degrees is what we are going to end up with. make sure you have the rain gear stepping out and about on
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the weekend. now over to you. >> thanks. all eye will be on the pool today in london. michael phelps could become the most decorated olympian in history yesterday he qualified for the 200 butterfly and won gold in the event. we are talking about the past two olympics. and he also took part in the men's 800 meter relay. if he medals in both events, he would actually break a record held by a soviet gymnast for 45 years. she had 18 medals phelps currently has 17. so today, you can cheer on the woman's gymnastic team and man'sbass basketball team. the u.s. has a chance to medal in a number of significant summer sports. american swimmers vying for gold in the pool as the man's gymnastic team tried to win the first olympic title in almost 30 years. tom rivers now has latest from london. >> reporter: it was back into the pool for america's men and women and with it a lot of gold. 17-year-old missy franklin captured the first top medal in
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the 100 backstroke as did mat grievers who seat new olympic record for the man. nick won silver but 2 hup had been free style ryan lochte finished 4th and medalless. for team usa a medal of any color was not in the cards for the man's gymnastics squad. china captured the gold but perhaps great britain's sill remember turned to bronze for a team which had not medaled in 100 years in that sport that was the crowd favorite. it's london it's the olympics and perhaps there's nothing more entertaining than the iconic sport of royal watching. today, the duke and duchess of cambridge headed a delegation of windsor as the granddaughter continued her quest for success shoo. see -- success. she completed the dangerous portion of the event in very good time. american tennis royalty had no
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problem advancing in the rounds. venus williams began her bid for a record 4th olympic gold beating her opponent of italy. sister serena also advanced. in man's play, american andy roddick moved forward as did john isner. roger federer had no problem advancing as well. and american marty maloy took home a bronze in judo to add to the american count. tom rivers, abc news, london. okay i was captivated by the kayaking yesterday. >> are you joking? >> no i am not. i watched all afternoon. lynette watched it too. you know you did. so if you have a set of keys to the stadium they don't work. turns out a set of keys were lost so they had to replace all internal locks to the stadium. the price tag was tens of thousands of u.s. dollars. police say there was never enough or a real security concern. womennably -- wimbledon will hold the -- wimbly will host
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the soccer finals. 80,000 were gotten away from their property. >> and dry conditions have become much more of a problem for people in the midwest. the state of emergency brought on by this fire. >> all right. and maryland's most powerful radar is pretty much dry. not unless you are heading south around ocean city, big thunderstorms popping up across that area. but, as we head to break, check out what's going on in bel air right now. we have live camera there still waiting for the sun to rise but we have mostly cloudy skies. lauren. >> reporter: well, lynette, everything is up to speed on 95 at 195 as we -- if we pull up a live picture of that, you will be able to see and i will show you that in few minutes. also i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 695. stay with us. there's much more coming up ongood morning maryland. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira, adalimumab.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:22. thanks for staying with us. you never want an infestation of bees in your house. but imagine having 80,000 living right inside your home. a family of a neighborhood in texas lived next to family with a hive in the wall and it was a
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dangerous for the man's wife and himself and daughter so a beexpert looked into it for free. >> it will be a little bit but i think this is just a facade for the hell that's going to be here. >> what a great name for a bee company. gotcha. they found a hive 10 feet tall and vacuumed up the bees and they are going to a farmer who can put the bees to good use. at least five structures have gone up in flames sparked by grass fires burning near stillwater oklahoma. it threatened horse farms but at the were released to escape the danger. oklahoma and other parts of the midwest has been plunged into severe drought. temperatures topping 100 degrees. governor declared state of emergency for 77 counties because that extreme heat and dry conditions. could it be another copycat case. >> a student at an ohio school is in serious trouble with the
5:24 am
law. what he is accuse of threatening to do. >> the couple who changed their wedding location because of the race now feeling the love within the community. an update to the story we brought you yesterday. >> all right. maryland's most purrful radar is mainly dry. but we have showers and storms down to the south. so traveling that way, beprepared to go into some rainfall across today. but, we are looking for these storms possibly to move into the area as we go more into the afternoon. let's go over to lauren. >> reporter: good morning. if you are heading into baltimore city, we are dealing with a water main break and a sink hole that could affect your commute. i will have the details coming up on "good morning maryland."
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now "good morning maryland." new details about a lab tech accused of causing a hepatitis c outbreak. what he may have been trying to do before has arrest. >> the accused killer in the colorado movie theater shooting learns the charges against him and the list is very long. >> and he brings a smile to sick children all over the country. with a a marylandman who
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dresses up as batman is helping -- is being turned away from hospitals. those stories ahead on this tuesday july 31 1á9. i am charley crowson welcome back. >> i am megan pringle. nice to be back especially with the weather a little cooler. lynette charles is here with a check on the forecast. >> all right. i am so happy you are back and the weather is cooler for today. but that humidity is still sticking around. check out the temperature right now in baltimore. 72 degrees. we are at 71 in york good morning to you. 70 in frederick and 72 in hagerstown. winchester 70. salisbury, the temperatures at 75 and they are dealing with thunderstorms across the area. we will talk about that in -- a little later. we will look at bel air's temperature at 76 degrees. this is bel air elementary school. humidity at 96%. dew point 66 so you know what that means, we are feeling the humidity out there. that pressure at 30.01.
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let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook what do you have for us on the road? >> reporter: we have a few problems in baltimore city. we are dealing with the big sink hole on the east side. so east monument street will be shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. repairs will be finished sometime next week. but in the meantime, you will want to stick with or liens as a alternate. and here's a live look at harrisburg expressway at shawan road. everything up to speed in hunt valley. no problems heading towards 695 and it will remain clear as you get on to the jfx. and here's what 95 looks like heading into the city. traffic is picking up at 395 but no significant delays. it will be a nice easy ride through the fort mchenry tunnel. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. when you go to the hospital you expect to leave in better shape when than what you got there but that's not the case for dozens of people who were infected with hepatitis c from a medical technician. linda so is here to tell us there appears to have


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